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Treats from Peru!

If you’re asking, “why treats from Peru?!” then it might interest you to know that Peru has been consistently voted “World’s Leading Culinary Destination” six years in a row! If you like Chinese or Italian food, this would be particularly interesting to you since China, Italy, and Spain are all among countries Peru has beaten for this title. There are even over 10 restaurants in Peru that are rated in the top 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America! Peru’s passion for food has not been limited to just Human foods… It’s also one of the reasons Don Fermin Naturals was created.

If there is a possibility you’re a foodie at heart, my first suggestion is that you should consider a vacation to Peru. Or, you should visit if you like Llamas. But also, if you love good quality food, and want the same for your Best Friend, try Don Fermin Naturals.