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About Us

Necessity is the mother of invention. This old proverb holds true for dog moms too.  For one dog mom from Peru, it all started with a need to find her beloved pup, Fermin, a treat that was not made in a factory and loaded with chemicals. The normal store-bought dog treats all upset Fermin’s tummy, so a few test recipes in the family kitchen quickly grew into a home-based business named in honor of the beloved Don Fermin. These new treats were hand-made using only natural, healthy ingredients from fields and farms in Peru.

Today, Don Fermin Natural dog treats are still made with authentic Peruvian ingredients, and baked to exacting standards to ensure that important vitamins and minerals are preserved. We also don’t use artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

At Don Fermin Naturals, we believe that all dogs deserve the same goodness Fermin enjoyed. We can’t wait to hear about how your canine companion likes Don Fermin Naturals; they say we’re especially popular with picky eaters and sensitive dog tummies!


In 2006 we began baking high quality dog treats, to improve the health and wellness of our Best Friends. Today, there remains an intrinsic passion to continue to reach as many dogs as we can, to improve their health and wellness as well.”


When I was little, and just a pup
My human put new treats in my cup

She mixed and baked and cooked something new
She said, “Don Fermin, this is good for you!”

I feel really great and don’t want to gloat,
But have you seen my teeth, have you looked at my coat?

When my best friend comes to give me this treat,
I would wag my tail, and sit at her feet!

I’m Don Fermin, a dog from Peru,
Try my human’s treats, you'll love them too.

Don Fermin gives back

Caring for animals has always been our centric focus. Starting with our own dogs, our goal is to work with organizations around the world with the goal of improved care for animals. Through donations and fundraising programs, our mission will always be to progress our outreach to the community of animal welfare. Through our growth, we hope to continue to partner with dedicated organizations interested in the same goal.